Among the most competitive per-square-meter value in the region.

The first of its kind in the region, NOUPARC features ample gardens, outstanding landscape design and architectural advantages that translate into major savings on energy and maintenance.

Have a 360º look around Nouparc’s installations.

Use your mouse to move around, drag and release slowly to turn to any side of the camp.

Use the plus and less buttons to zoom in and zoom out on any place.

  • Security.

    On-site security 24/7.

    Pedestrian and vehicle access control.

    5 guard houses, CCTV and surveillance center.

  • Connectivity.

    Fiber-optic installations, for high-speed internet at high bandwidth.

    Facilities open to any Telecommunication carrier.

  • Infrastructure.

    The region’s most competitive parking ratio.

    Energy efficiency and low-cost maintenance.

    High performance HVAC systems.

  • Flexible space.

    Efficient design, ideal for IT and Software development.

    Modular units that create tailor-made floor plans.